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2012-02-22 08:41:54

Pilger roller pass processing and control method



The invention discloses a Pilger roller pass processing and control method. The method comprises the steps of: drafting a processing process route, and dividing the process route into a rough machining process and a finish machining process; selecting a three-dimensional model, a cutter and a machine tool suitable for respective processes; determining a machine tool coordinate system and drafting a machine tool control program through CAM (computer aided manufacturing); simulating a processing process with a virtual machine, observing whether existing an interference situation and verifying and modifying processing programs; after determining the qualified processing programs, numbering the processing programs for the calling of a machine tool; selecting an appropriate clamp for clamping workpieces and for alignment, selecting a proper cutter to ensure the coincidence of a program coordinate system and the machine tool coordinate system; calling the control program of a corresponding step for processing. The method of the invention effectively solves the problems of data sources, graphic display, tool path simulation and interactive modification in programming, and has the characteristics of concise, visualized and accurate application, convenient inspection, high processing efficiency, short production period and low production cost, etc.


CN102357667A - Pilger roller pass processing and control method - Google Patents