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Foreign friends and a drill manufacturer in Chengdu visit our company on site

2016-03-11 21:03:23

On the afternoon of March 9, 2016, foreign friends and a drill manufacturer in Chengdu visited our company on site. Foreign friends visited our company's heat treatment, machining workshop and mud pump assembly workshop. I expressed appreciation for the four heat treatment furnaces equipped by our company, deeply recognized the numerous large-scale boring machines, large-scale machining centers and CNC lathes in the machining workshop, and gave a good evaluation of the professional test platform and spray booth of the assembly workshop.

  Forged and welded assembled crankshafts independently developed and designed by our company, ring gear shafts with shot peened surfaces, F series and L series mud pumps independently produced and assembled by our company, foreign friends have expressed strong interest and deep business cooperation willingness .